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Leadership Mistakes

And How to Fix Them

It takes months, even years to build a successful leader, yet through one simple mistake, leadership could deteriorate in a downward spiral. Although there is no such thing as a “perfect leader”, in every business, leaders can take precaution to ensure they are not making common mistakes. Here are a few mistakes to look for in your business and how to correct them.

Lack of Punctuality

Leaders should be sharp and always alert for deadlines. It’s critical for leaders to set the example for the rest of the business. Lateness, whether that’s the time they arrive to work every morning or the time at which deadlines are met or failed to meet, is a clear sign of a lack in punctuality.

To keep your business running smoothly and ensure your employees don’t drop the ball, you want to always make sure that employees are sticking to the schedule. If you notice tardiness or unmet deadlines, here’s what to do:

  • Send out an email to reconvey the importance of deadlines
  • Complement the employees that stay sharp with their schedules
  • Give an incentive such as a gift card or bonus to employees that show proper punctuality  

Conflict Avoidance

When a conflict arises in any business, it’s important for leaders to tackle it head on rather than ignore the issues. The only way to resolve the conflict is through acknowledging disagreements and other problems. Any leader who avoids conflict is only hindering the business.

If you notice unresolved conflicts here’s what to do:

  • Assign someone the responsibility to handle it
  • Encourage a specific leader to take initiative to resolve it
  • Get involved by sitting down separately with anyone involved in the issue

Lack of Humility

Ego is often the common source of mistakes made among leadership. It’s very easy for leaders to get caught up with their work as well as their position. One key quality of successful leadership is humility. A leader should accept input from other employees and encourage transparency.

Any leader that doesn’t own up to their mistakes or engage with lower positions is a red flag. If you spot egotistical leaders that discourage other employees, here’s what to do:

  • Delegate responsibility, lightening the load of leaders who need to get back in check
  • Have employees take time for team building
  • Confront the high ego of your employee with humility yourself

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